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If you are facing a criminal charge in the greater Phoenix area, whether it’s a misdemeanor or a serious felony, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney at your side. At the Law Offices of David A. Black, we represent clients charged with a wide range of offenses, including DUI, drug crimes, domestic violence, assault, aggravated assault, homicide, and others. We have successfully represented attorneys, teachers, doctors, law enforcement personnel, professional athletes, and more. No one is beyond getting caught up in the criminal justice system. Let us help you untangle the knots. Call today.


Leroy H

When I got charged for domestic battery, I was afraid that I would lose joint custody of my son. It was hard enough as it is explaining myself to the cops, who didn't want to believe me even though I've never been arrested in my life.

It was a loud fight alright. I did punch the wall, but I never hit her, especially with my son right there. The neighbors took her side of course, but they didn't see the whole thing.

My friend recommended David Black, who he says is one of the most respected criminal attorneys in Phoenix. I had no reason to doubt his recommendation, so I gave David Black a call.

My friend was definitely right--David made sure I was prepared for everything, what to wear, what to say. I knew I was innocent, and he made sure that everybody including the judge knew it too.

The charges got dropped, my ex couldn't use the domestic battery charge against me at the custody hearing, and I retained joint custody of my boy like I always wanted. I m glad I listened to my friend and took his recommendation.