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When Do Auto-Accidents Commonly Occur?

We see accidents happen during the day, at night, during the week, on weekends, during working hours and non-working hours. Accidents can happen any time, and there is no specific time when they occur more often than other times. We don’t see one particular kind of accident more than another – accidents happen when people are drunk, when they’re not drunk, when they’re not paying attention and when they are. Accidents happen all the time and at any time.

How Does No-Fault Apply To Auto-Accidents?

In the State of Florida, we have what is called No Fault law. When you purchase automobile insurance, which is a requirement in the state of Florida, you are required to have a minimum of two parts to your policy; one is known as “No Fault Coverage” or PIP insurance and the other is known as “Property Damage.”

Property damage pays when you have an accident and you were at fault. This coverage will pay for the damages to the other driver’s car. No Fault insurance, on the other hand, covers you for the injuries that you sustain in an accident which is inclusive of medical bills and lost wages.



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