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Kathy Hardy should be FIRED! As EVP/Chief Credit Officer, she is responsible for maintaining the integrity and quality of the bank's loan portfolio and FAILED miserably (every Executive in banking knows this). This failure is evidenced by an increasingly large number of non-performing loans that originated before 2007. The FDIC was preparing to shut down of the bank in 1/12 had it not been for a capital injection by the owners. Kathy's incompetence continues today, as the Board SURPRISINGLY STILL continues to employee her.

This miserable specimen is ignorant and, even today, expresses that "no change" is needed. No change needed? Your bank almost got shut down idiot! Kathy spends a significant portion of her day Facebooking and doing electronic crossword puzzles thinking about when her next big meal is going to be. It's obvious her best interest has never been with Bank, yet she still earns a generous salary of near $200k. It's obvious that very few, if any, officers and lenders...

Jan S