Learning Unlimited

1210 Wilhelmina Rise, Unit B Unit B, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96816

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We offer SUPPLEMENTAL EDUCATION in Readiness for PreK, Reading, Writing, ESL, Math, Algebra, Geometry, Prep for private school entrance, SSAT, SAT and much more.

Neighborhood: Kaimuki


Dawana P

Learning Unlimited shares a common area with a business that provides therapy serves to Special Needs children. This area is used by both businesses to exit the building. A staff member name Cheryl was very inconsiderate in understanding challenges for our son. in addition, she was very confrontational and aggressive towards our Special Needs child and family members. listed is an encounter with Sheryl: 2 March 2019- “At the completion of our child's therapy session, he was able to ride the trike. Our child rode the trike to the front entrance and proceeded to turn around. During this transition Sheryl of Learning Unlimited (LU) began to vacuum. A vacuum cleaner is stimulus for our child and often triggers a response. Upon hearing the vacuum our child stopped and began to observe through the door the employee vacuuming. Sheryl exited LU asking, in a very unsettling tone, our child's therapist to please attend to our child because it is odd for him to be staring through the glass door. At no time was our child being disruptive but he was redirected away from the door and Sheryl returned to vacuuming. Our child began to observe again as we were exiting the building because we stopped briefly in front of LU to ask his therapist a question. Sheryl again came out asking us not to have him look into the glass door. Sheryl also attempted to provide unsolicited advice on how to stop such behavior. She additionally stated that it creeps her students out, however there were no students presents." I ask, is this an "educator" that you would want working with YOUR child. Judging from her interaction with our Special Needs child, I would pass on her service.