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david k

Not the same Lennys anymore
Edit Review? By D K.
For years we have made the trip from islands to Williston to purchase boots and more at Lenny's. The staff has always been very helpful. This year we found the management to be quite different and we will not be returning soon. We went in and ordered boots and paid for them. When they arrived, I went to pick them up and asked to use a $5 coupon that was in the paper that week. Since I had prepaid, they would not let me use the coupon. I left with the boots, but a bit upset. The next day, in the paper were ads for $15 off boots at Lenny's. I took the boots back with the intention on returning them and then buying them back with the coupon. It may sound petty, but in today's economy $15 is a good savings. The salesperson apologized, but said that any returned merchandise could not be returned to the floor without the manager looking over the item first. I could come back tomorrow and then buy them back. Frustrated, I left the boots there. 3 trips to Williston and I have had it. I just ordered the same boots from Zappos.com for the same price and free delivery. Do I prefer to buy local? Yes, that is why I made the 3 trips, but the management there is too cumbersome to deal with. Micromanage all you want Lenny's, but until you start giving your employees some control over how they are able to deal with the customer, I will be taking my business elsewhere.