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Jenny s

I could not BELIEVE I'd lost an important key to my bosses' business. And my bosses were out of town! I could not, could not believe it. Where could my key have gone?

I was pacing around the shop, panicking. I googled how to change a lock. I googled how expensive it would be to pay someone else to change a lock. Google told me that simply re-keying a lock -- that's when someone shifts the tumbler around inside the lock so that a new key will fit -- is cheaper and faster than replacing a lock.

So, on a Sunday night in my workplace afterhours, I was on our iMac, hunting around google for someone who could re-key. These guys! These guys can do that! And I called, and John answered, and he said he'd drop by in an 30 minutes.

And half an hour later I saw him drive up, and I poked my head out of the gate, and I was like, that was not one hour. And he grinned. I gave him a key and directed him to the lock, and he easily removed the lock and took it to his van. I had one cigarette, and I checked my email, and by then he had returned with the lock and eight new keys.

The whole ordeal was quick, painless, and so much less money than it could have been. I am beside myself with gratitude, and I look forward to employing Keller's services again -- I mean, not in an emergency situation, but just to have my apartment re-keyed.
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john s

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I highly recommended this locksmith company in Charlotte, I used their locksmith service last week and they did a great job. I don't remember getting such service from any other service supplier. Last week I had a new front door and gate put in my house and used the Charlotte locksmith service. They came to estimate the job and take some measurements, The estimate was beyond reasonable and the verity of designs in which I had to choose from were tremendous and were all in supply. I took the Charlotte locksmith service for the reasons above and they didn't fail me in any aspect. The locksmith came on time and preformed with excellence and provided the service as written in the books. they have a great service policy in Charlotte Locksmith and great quality of work and locksmiths. Very professional work. Thanks