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Deciding on a moving company that will give you outstanding service has always been difficult. That is why people who relocate have different opinions concerning moving firms.

Long Distance Relocation Services has earned praise, awards, and recognition from all walks of life in regards to our constant desire to give our customers the best service when it comes to moving your property from one location to another. Our clients have trust in us and their referrals have accounted for almost 80% of our success.

Long distance relocation services was established in 1998, and we have been providing moving services to commercial, government and corporate clients. We officially opened for general public in 2015 and began performing residential moves.

Our desire to give extraordinary service that remains in the minds of our clients has earned us Commercial Vendor of the year for 2015 and 2016, coupled with our brand new equipment that we utilize to render our services. With our moving research tools, you'll receive free moving quotes which will allow you to compare and contrast moving estimates.

Our vast experience has enabled us to help people relocate safely and we also provide an innovative way to move household belongings across the country in combination with commercial freight.


Rachel S

Before seeking their services, I requested for quotes. I had a limited budget and wasn't going to risk hiring any mover without first confirming their service charges. When they came, it was wonderful. The charges were reasonable, so I went ahead and negotiated a deal. I must admit that the team kept their end of the bargain. They offered incredible services and ensured I enjoyed the entire thing. I wouldn’t have relocated in such a way without their support.

Clarine W

Long Distance Relocation Services gave me a cool relocation experience. The movers were very approachable, prompt and I could always reach the moving coordinator who responded very well to my queries and concerns. The entire crew was very dedicated and motivated. It is only due to their hard work, dedication and diligence that we were able to accomplish the move. Many thanks to the Long Distance Relocation Services.

Boris r

If I need to relocate, I will be using the services of Long Distance Relocation Services. They are my best choice of movers so far. They know how to relocate in such a wonderful way. I had an easy time moving to South Carolina because of them. I am so grateful for everything they did.

Max W

Their diligence was evident right from the moment I made the first call. The sales agent talked to me in a soothing tone and addressed all my concerns. By the time she was done, I was convinced that these movers were worth using. I am so glad they did a perfect job.

Adam S

Moving is almost always stressful, but I have now used Long Distance Relocation Services two times and they made the process so much less of a hassle. I am a satisfied returning customer of Long Distance Relocation Services and I will use them again and again.

Joan B

It was all simple. The movers did everything with one aim in mind; to ensure my satisfaction. I am glad they achieved that. They were able to relocate me in such an incredible way. I thank them so much for the job well done. They need to keep up the same spirit.

Rebecca B

If I say the relocation was fantastic, that would be an understatement. The relocation services were perfect beyond imagination. It was so smooth moving from Georgia to Maryland. The crewmembers took charge of everything and ensured all was well. I was so happy to be the client relocated by these movers.

Virginia U

The movers were organized. As such, there was tranquillity during the relocation. I loved the fact that the movers worked in unison. They did everything possible to ensure the relocation services were smooth and amazing. I admired everything in them. It was a glorious move; something I would love to go through again.

Charlotte V

The crew from Long Distance Relocation Services worked very hard, and I am very grateful that they treated my things with great care. Most I will ask for the same crew if I am to move again in future.

Peter G

I am grateful for the exceptional relocation services your team accorded me. They were considerate enough to ensure all was in order during the relocation. Even more, I loved the fact that they were so sociable. Because of that, the entire relocation experience was so jovial.