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Doris D

When choosing a therapist who will be conducting a CFI/PRE, understand the serious nature of your choice. The Colorado Court system places a premium on the reports generated by a court-appointed CFI/PRE. In general, those reports determine the structure of the relationship that your family will have for the foreseeable future. Some therapists who specialize in this area have taken advantage of families in conflict – Marian Camden is one. Camden performed a parental review of my family and placed my children’s lives into the hands of a person who is mentally unstable, and has a lengthy history of child abuse (both physical and sexual). Marian is in no way above seeking additional financial compensation in return for a favorable report – she seems to have no concern for the safety and wellbeing of children. You should never leave a child alone with Dr. Camden. In many cases, the health of your child (both mental and physical) would be better served if left in the company of pedophiles rather than Dr. Camden. Dr. Camden is intellectually lacking, incompetent, corrupt, unprofessional and possibly suffering from some (or several) types of mental disorder. Consider recording all sessions with Dr. Camden should you need proof of her misrepresentation of the facts in court. For the safety welfare of your children, avoid this person at all costs.