Market Realty, Inc.


Beautiful Victorian in downtown Burton, TX

Beautiful Victorian in downtown Burton, TX One of the few commerical historic buildings left in Burton. So much potential here for retail, gallery, event venue and more. Own a piece of Burton history, operated as Henry?s Store since 1980, formerly H&H Grocery & Feed and My Way Grocery. Property is conveniently located a short distance from Main Street on E. Texas Street in the center of historic Burton. So much charm and history in this home! Located at 2201 Becker Dr. in Brenham, TX! Located at 108 W. Thigpen in Carmine, Texas! Located at 615 N Main St. in Burton, Texas! Market Realty, Inc proudly served the Williams family and they are happy to now be Carmine residents! Having fun in the annual Cotton Gin Festival parade in downtown Burton Looking for that perfect place in the country? Let us help you with your search. View of how beautiful our area is during the wildflower season every spring!!