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Medi-RayTM is devoted to innovation in lead metal technology. To accomplish this objective, Medi-RayTM's founders decided that a multi-disciplined approach could provide the solution to the operational problems and high costs inherent in the many fields which draw upon metals and alloys technology.
From its inception, Medi-RayTM has drawn upon and organized a staff of leading professionals representing the entire spectrum of metallurgy, radiation physics and environmental engineering. These experts have been channeled into product definition, research and development areas. Effective, end-user oriented management has been employed from the beginning to insure that resulting lead products and services are of the highest standards and compatible with today's metallurgical and radiation shielding requirements. To know more, call 877-898-3003, or email at Visit our website at

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Jane c

This is to let you guys know that I am very satisfied with your service and will be recommending you to my friends in the medical community. You guys will always be our preferred vendor. You have done a great job with the lead shielding product.