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Anderson Moodie 35 Morningstar Road, SI NY 10303, Phone no.- 917 450 8909, Accord, New York, 10303

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Are you having the willing of get the peace in your life? If yes meditation is the best option for you get the peace in your life .The regular practice allows us to enjoy the experience of the alpha state, with lots of benefits, relief from the pressures of the mind, clarity and emotional tranquility, and also recharging and balancing our energies, resulting in healing at a very deep level. Meditation course is helpful in change our perspective, thought, perception and also personality. It is to be attentive and fully aware, second by second, of our thoughts and feelings, of our body and movements, of our entire environment.
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Address:-Anderson Moodle 35 Morningstar Road, SI NY 10303
Phone no: - 917 450 8909
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