Metropolitan Property Services Inc


14150 85th Rd, Apt 1D, Queens, New York, 11435-2524

Phone number

(718) 658-1300




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Tags: no regard for anyone no matter how old their are


Alicia F


When we were first looking at apartments in Queens, I couldn't find any reviews for this Management Company (the apartments are called Briarwood Gardens, too) so we figured we would give it a shot.

The roaches are horrible. When we first moved in, there was an egg casing in a cabinet and about 50 dead roaches everywhere. We called the exterminator who never came. After numerous attempts, he FINALLY comes and says the the building does not have a problem but he will spray anyway. That was the one and only time we have seen him. We started seeing roaches again within a few days and, months later, still have them. We have contacted the landlord and the exterminator for months and no one has shown up.

Now, in addition to our roach friends, my baby's room is infested with house centipedes. Now, I know they will come in when it rains, no matter what. But today alone we have seen 7 house centipedes in her room.

Do yourself a favor and do not live here. Do not sign the lease!!!

Mercedes M

Metropolitan Property Services Inc in Briarwood, Queens is the worst. They do not care about us tenants, We have so many issues in our building and they do not respond to phone calls.
George Simalacaj never returned my phone calls. The ceilings in our apartment are falling apart, the walls need repair, tiles are missing,air gets filtered from the windows. I am really tired of the way they are neglecting us. Also their billing department is a mess. Every month I get a new amount that I have to pay. I have to keep checking constantly my bill. There are older people in our building they do not care.