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Anderson Moodie 35 Morningstar Road, SI NY 10303, Accord, New York, 10303

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In this time many countries successfully implementing stress reduction programs which is based on the mindfulness .It is the old time practice but it become lot popular in east now days for the strictly psychological framework .These ancient practice is helpful in reduce the stress and beat the anxiety .By the practice of Mindfulness people know the themselves better and become the mindful .It help you in making healthier respond in the stressful situation .It teach you how to respond you in tough situation .It help in enhance the physical and mental health , and the interpersonal relationship .It improve the clarity of ideas of peoples .

Address:-Anderson Moodle 35 Morningstar Road, SI NY 10303
Phone no: - 917 450 8909
E mail: - enlightenedbuddha@yahoo.com


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