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Commercial spacecraft will take millions of tourists to space stations and “Love Boats in the Sky” orbiting Earth in minutes, communities on the Moon in hours, and Mars in days. Starships are taking explorers to some of the billions of stars and trillions of planets in the Milky Way Galaxy and turning Star Trek into reality. Commercial space travel is possible because of the discovery of Mirror Energy, which is more efficient than Fission or Fusion Energy. Our technology converts matter and mirror matter directly into electricity plus electromagnetic propulsion for aircraft, spacecraft and starships according to Einstein’s equation: E = mc². Mirror matter is harvested from comets orbiting Sun and is called antimatter by scientists. Antimatter is composed of 118 antimatter elements, which have been discovered and incorporated into Periodic Table of Matter & Antimatter Elements. There are 236 matter and antimatter elements. The Energy Economy creates economic prosperity by generating clean energy, reallocating resources, and providing students with World-Class Education. Every country is brought into 21st century. Work force increases from 3.4 to 6.7 billion people. Man-made carbon dioxide emissions are reduced to background. Over 10 billion people on spaceship Earth will live in peace and harmony with nature. Wars and military conflicts over energy, natural resources, and culture values along with pestilence and famine, which have plagued humanity for thousands of years, will be footnotes in the history books.

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