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LaDonna T

Motor Fair in Denniston Park, Oklahoma City is My daughter who lived 10 hours away from her family, bought a car from the owner Sam. Sam sold her father on the concept that he would treat her like his own daughter. We would not have to worry. She goes to school full time and works full time so transportation is essential. He also sold them on the fact that the car had this great warranty. The first week, the car stops and will not restart. Later it does. A phone call to Sam and he can't do anything unless it isn't running. The following week, the car will not start again. He tows it, fixes a valve and charges us. What about that warranty? Not in effect yet. Ha! He also had his own mechanics and they had to know the air compressor was going bad. The next thing, no power steering or A/C. The battery that we were told was new, is dated 06/05 with 3 dead cells. He bought this car at auction from Carmax who would not sell this car to anyone! We know! He promotes Carfax but he told us personally that he doesn't use it but that he uses another company. Yet he cannot produce a copy of that. Accused my daughter of not taking care of her car i.e. oil change. Just reached 3000 miles and we had the oil changed. Sam preys on young people who do not know or have the abilities to protect themseles. He is a feel good guy who will strike at you like an snake.