Mountainview Apartments


1513 Crucible St, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 15205-3421

Phone number

(412) 921-8315


Crafton Heights


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dena j

Mountainview Apartments in Crafton Heights, Pittsburgh is a hell hole. Bad management and Bad neighbors.

jessica s

Mountainview Apartments in Crafton Heights, Pittsburgh is great if you are a gangster or drug addict. From unsupervised kids as young as 1yr old roaming around,drug dealers openly selling their drugs,shootings and of course the roaches you have to share your living space with- this place is like hell on earth!There is suppose to be onsite security but they are rarely present and even when they are they sit in their car and ignore their surroundings,which I guess I would too for they are unarmed and probably working for little more than minimum wage.If you don't have to move here:DON'T!! I've seen homeless people living in better and safer conditions than this.