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Musca may just be the best firm in West Palm beach. I’m still reeling at the deal they were able to get me for my second DUI. I’ll be allowed to drive, I’m not going to spend any time in jail, and the fine that I have to pay is about a quarter of what my brother paid when he got his DUI last year. I’m betting he wishes he had called Musca.

I was charged with leaving the scene of accident after I left a post office box on its side. I knew they had video of me doing it, so I doubted that my Musca lawyer could do much about it. I couldn’t have been more wrong about that. My lawyer was able to get me a plea bargain for much more reasonable charged.

I didn’t know the guys chasing after me in West Palm Beach were undercover cops, so in addition to everything else they threw at me; they accused me of fleeing law enforcement. It all seemed very fishy to me, so I called Musca Law the next day to see what they could do for me. They took my sense of justice seriously, and immediately started working to get fleeing charge removed. After several weeks of hard work, their efforts paid off. I’ll be seeing them again soon so we can fight the other charges in court.

I knew when I saw those lights flashing behind me that I was going to get a DUI. Luckily, I had Musca Law on my side, and I walked out of the courtroom without any prison time. I really appreciate their help.

I wasn’t originally going to hire Musca Law, but now I am very glad that I did. My DUI attorney was incredibly talented. He scared the prosecution enough that they were forced to offer me a lenient plea deal within days. That is how much they didn’t want to go up against my lawyer.

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