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Jean F

I would never have been able to take my case to court if I had gone with another San Diego personal injury lawyer. While representing me, these lawyers paid almost all of the fees that I would have needed to cover if I had gone with someone else.

Kyle S

Most of the other San Diego injury attorneys I call wanted a much larger share of the settlement than Nadrich & Cohen asked for. They were able to win the settlement, and give me more of the money than anyone else would have offered me. It meant a lot that I could have a larger share.

Philip M

Nadrich & Cohen was my first call after my car accident. I had heard a lot about their car accident lawyers in San Diego, and they lived up to all of my expectations. They were able to get me the settlement very quickly, and it was a very good size.

Calvin W

I doubt I could have found a better personal injury attorney in San Diego if I had tried every office in the city. This guy was a maverick, and he obviously cared sincerely about the trouble I was facing. He went to great lengths to protect me, and his efforts resulted in a monetary award from the judge.

Joseph M

Nadrich & Cohen are pretty well-known in my business, and that’s why I chose to them help me challenge my father’s wrongful death. The injury lawyer that they assigned to me secured me a strong advantage early in the trial and never let go of it. I am immensely satisfied.

Jesse T

Nadrich & Cohen have a bit of a reputation in San Diego, so I was pretty confident that they would be a good choice to represent me when I was struck by another car downtown, and had to quit my job. They were very effective. It was obvious that we were going to win by only the third day into the trial.

Whitney D

It took me a long time to decide to file a lawsuit. I understood nothing about the procedure, but my Nadrich & Cohen personal injury attorney was happy to help me through every part of the process. Thanks to their efforts, I collected a generous settlement.

Sandra P

My work environment is usually pretty safe. However, after something went catastrophically wrong, I found myself in the hospital with a pressing need for a personal injury lawyer. The attorney that Nadrich & Cohen sent over was very understanding and professional. He got me a great settlement that gives me time enough to get back on my feet.