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5125 SW Macadam Ave Ste. 210, Portland, Oregon, 97239

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(503) 214-2187


Corbet - Terwilliger - Lair Hill


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Desta S

If you`re looking for the best chiropractic service, look no further. Natural Physicians Portland is very efficient and really take care of you as a patient. I would definitely refer this chiropractor to anyone in Portland, OR!!!!!!

Bob N

I used to get migraines nearly once a week, but after receiving treatment from Natural Physicians Portland on a regular basis, my life and my health have changed for the better. Of course, I still get an occasional headache every now and then, but the migraines which used to leave me nearly bedridden have completely disappeared. Thank you so much for opening my eyes to chiropractic care and helping me realize that I don’t need to take an Advil to get results!!!

Dennis K

When I first decided to seek chiropractic therapy, it was directly related to a concern to take care of my physical health. I was very interested in different types of natural healing techniques for heart and mind, and body and spirit, which are known in Portland, OR

Bety K

Thank god for Natural Physicians Portland. After my first session of sports therapy / chiropractic therapy, my shoulder neck and arm where beginning to feel better and the pain was subsiding. But after 3 sessions of sports therapy / chiropractic therapy at Natural Physicians Portland. I was able to re-commence my training back in the gym after the unexpected 3 month break, and within 3 weeks was back to full fitness. The Chiropractics overall and especially Natural Physicians Portland`s service has even found and resolved old injuries from many years ago in both my rotor cuffs.