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Weight gaining and obesity both are the different situations because weight gaining and create problems in your body and the functions of it but the obesity problem is already a disease even more than 20 % of children are now dealing with the problem of it even the problem of the obesity when cross all the limitation so in that case the Doctor suggest the obesity surgery but in the weight gaining problem Doctor never suggest to you any kind of surgery and other things, the problem of the weight gaining always demand to control it through exercise and the to avoid junk and oily food. To whom we can contact for the right guidance for the ‘’obesity surgery in India’’, We care India is the right place to have the best treatment option for the obesity surgery because we know that in the industry of the medical science there are many people who can easily misguide you through the wrong suggest or not to have complete knowledge of the particular disease so we are the only one who had the experience to provide the best result without any kind of compromise but the situation of the obesity surgery in India is getting very high because latest technology and the modern equipment of the surgery makes it different from other and the all these surgeries are very complex to perform and for it the best surgeon is very vital with the great amount of experience. Even any patient wants to get treatment in the best hospital by the good Doctors so that you can only find in India because we are the new address for the obesity surgery. The main reason is the reasonable price and the success rate of Obesity surgery in India. Most of the BMI is usually used only to confirm the obesity.


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