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180 North Stetson Suite 3500, Chicago, Illinois, 60601

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When you need legal representation regarding a divorce or family law matter, working with an experienced lawyer is critical in navigating the legal process efficiently and successfully. The attorneys at Petrelli Previtera, LLC have vast experience in all areas of divorce and family law. We offer compassionate legal representation for clients. Call today to schedule your initial confidential consultation to discuss the situation and difficulties involved, share the goals you have in mind, and identify the next steps toward resolution.

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Kelsay K

I would like to take this moment to thank this firm for all the support and most specially to Thomas Petrelli for providing the great advices and understanding I needed during a very difficult divorce, but which came to an amicable conclusion. Mine was a very complex divorce, which was excellently handled by Thomas. I will definitely recommend him and his team to anyone!

Tony H

This law firm exceeds my expectation on how wonderful their services are. They listened to my situation and offered a great advice on what move should I do with my current situation. I highly recommend them to everyone.

Janet L

I'm really amazed with how fast and effective this law firm is. I have known a few other firms before but nothing beats the experience I received from this firm. Divorce is really tough and without a reliable legal help, you will surely get stressed out often. Thankfully I didn't have to go through that and its all thanks to this law firm!

Jodie H

This is a great law firm that I strongly recommend to people who are suffering from the difficulties of divorce. They have excellent records of giving the best results in any case they handle. Tom and Kate were simply amazing lawyers that I have ever known. I am very thankful for their advice and it had greatly helped me going through my divorce.

Felicity J

Was faced with an urgent custoday matter that was very time sensitive and I was really glad that this law firm was able to gave their time for me. The previous lawyer I had contacted with didn't have time so was left to choose this law firm and I am glad that I did. They recognized the urgency of my case and they readily helped me all the way. They were very knowledgeable, passionate and friendly as well as aggressive in helping me get the best possible outcome. They are definitely worth recommending to others for their professionalism.

Lidia B

I called to this law firm to help with my divorce. They have been nothing but amazing from start to finish! Told them about my situation and the things that I wanted to accomplish. They were knowledgeable and very helpful. They really care about their clients which was something that I find a rare thing in the "lawyer" world. I am so glad to have them help me. Worth giving them solid five stars for their exceptional service.

Jodie H

This the kind of law firm that I can highly recommend to friends about their excellent service. The lawyer I worked with was simply amazing. Gave me some helpful sound advice for my case and guided me through the process. To be honest, it was difficult to understand at first but I am glad the lawyer was with me all the way. Going through a divorce is rough and stressful. But once you have a reliable lawyer like the ones in this firm to help you, you are assured that everything will end up in your favor. Highly recommend!

Jemmy L

They were very helpful during my hardest part of my life. The stress was almost unbearable but I am glad that I was referred to this law firm. They worked hard to give me the best result that I needed. All decision I have made was carefully explained to me before. Gave me plenty options to take in order to get me off the stress area. I am very thankful to them and I will definitely call them if ever I needed legal help in the future.

Claire P

They are the best and the only law firm I am ever going to recommend to others. The lawyers here were very knowledgeable and very professional. Their genuine caring and concern of my case is what made me choose them over others. They were also quick to respond to calls and emails. Answered all my concerns whenever I needed help. Truly a law firm that I can highly recommend to others.

Amelia J

Atty. Petrelli was very helpful during my legal process. He took the time to answer all of my questions without problems. His professionalism was second to none and it's not just him but his staff as well. Legal issues can be quite intimidating and sometimes overwhelming. But with their help, it won't be such a huge dilemma.