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Previtera was supportive of me throughout. Really helped a great deal by giving realistic and workable advice. She was patient and sincere in giving us options. The matter was finally settled. Highly recommend this law firm!

Wilson C

Thomas was a great lawyer. I wanted to get a divorce as soon as possible, so we had a brief phone session, and he was able to make that happen. He was able to quickly gather all of the papers required for my uncontested divorce. Anyone looking for a divorce lawyer should definitely contact Thomas!

Alonzo B

Currently halfway through, my lawyer took over my case and did so with ease, reassuring me that I didn't need to worry. He is incredibly informed, sympathetic, and always available whenever required. He and his legal team have my highest recommendation!

Anna W

Thomas devised a strategy for my case and carried it out at every stage of the lengthy procedure. In representing his clients, he is intelligent, strategic, and persistent. His efforts directly resulted in a positive outcome for my case, with my maintenance being lowered in half as a result. I had a great time working with him and would strongly suggest him!

Leigh M

Without Petrelli Previtera, LLC, I'd be in a lot of trouble! In so many ways, professional and helpful. He and his crew went out of their way to make me feel at ease. He was able to guide me through the procedure in such a way that I was able to comprehend all of my decisions. Overall, it was a really positive outcome. There aren't enough wonderful things I can say about this law practice!

Susan R

Professional and knowledgeable service. Divorce is a complex process. The crew was able to guide me through the stages and keep me updated on the progress. It was not easy divorce case but with the help of attorney, it was settled expertly and professionally!

Andy N

Attorney prepared a fantastic settlement agreement for me that addressed a variety of difficulties that arose following my divorce. Because he is so knowledgeable, informed, attentive, and committed to be the best, I knew I could trust her. His warmth and support astounded me. He is an excellent lawyer with a kind heart.

Steven M

My divorce went so smooth and fast with Petrelli Previtera, LLC, and the team was really helpful and communicative throughout! Along the process, I received detailed and clear information, and my inquiries were never overlooked or unanswered. This law practice is one that I would strongly recommend to everyone.

Larry R

Divorce is a challenging process. Outsiders who are not related to you learn a lot about your private life. You must choose a legal partner with whom you are completely at ease. Before making a decision, I look into the firms to see if they're respectable, and interview a few attorneys. I am confident that I made the best decision by engaging my lawyer. My lawyer was completely honest with me about my case, properly explained the process, and set my mind at ease. My case was ended with a better result.

Carl S

I've been working with Mr. Petrelli for the past three months while he managed my divorce case. I was quite satisfied with the Petrelli Previtera staff during that period. They're really informed, competent, and quick to respond. He was meticulous in his attention to detail and did a fantastic job of creating reasonable expectations for the many aspects of my case. It gives me great comfort to know that I was being represented by such a capable staff, which ended in a better-than-expected result.

Candida T

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