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Charles P

I sincerely appreciate all of your efforts from yesterday. Your strategy during the settlement in my opinion, was really clever. In my opinion, significant progress was achieved in finding a practical answer. I have the utmost respect for your abilities and ability, and I'm incredibly appreciative that you are standing out for my rights.

Shannon R

I needed assistance with my divorce, and I could not have found a more qualified legal team than those at Petrelli Previtera, LLC. My case was in good hands with Katherine and her paralegals, who only got in touch with me or charged me when it was absolutely necessary. I am aware that they put in a lot of time and effort on my case without charging me for it. When I most needed it, she was a true blessing to me.`

Carl S

He was compassionate while stating facts about the law, no matter how unpleasant they were to hear at this sad time in my life. I'm confident you won't be dissatisfied with his services since he is a knowledgeable attorney who is prepared to fight for a favorable outcome.

Andrew H

Divorce is the most emotionally draining event a person can have. They were quite beneficial. They made my case incredibly simple and painless. They dealt with my situation in a professional manner. I'll tell my friends and family about them.

Bella N

They were incredibly knowledgeable about the procedure and went through everything in great detail. With any issues I had, they were incredibly informed and professional.

Alan R

In a divorce matter, my lawyer defended me and took care of every last detail. I couldn't have asked for a nicer person to work with. She was quick to respond, reasonably priced, and aggressive. I definitely suggest her since she made me feel supported during a difficult moment in my life. She appears to be fair and concerned about others.

Adell W

Attorney was a pleasure working with. He has an excellent demeanor when it comes to this kind of case. I've been perfectly willing to delegate these decisions to him. He always answers, no matter how busy he is. I've been well-represented, have received fantastic service, and am represented by one of the best law firms.

Audrey J

Incredibly thorough with the case, and detailed in every step. I've never been through this before, so it's very nerve-racking, but attorney makes it all easy to understand. I'm very pleased to be working with him. He is knowledgeable. He has kept me fully informed and the office was very helpful and supportive through this process.

Adell W

I was impressed and I think the lawyers in Petrelli Previteta are the best in the field. My lawyer is thorough, straightforward, doesn't beat around the bush, and gets work done. He handled my case very practically and got my daughter's custody in no time. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of child custody or any divorce-related issues.

Barbara B

I found Petrelli Previtera called him about my concerns with daughter's father. I met to go over my concerns and he presented all my concerns to the judge and my cases have gone in my favor. I have reached out to him multiple times and he never leads me in the wrong direction. He is great at what he does and I will continue to keep going to him for all my needs until he retires. I highly recommend Petrelli Previtera - Pittsburgh for your needs.