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Monica L

My lawyer was knowledgeable and very helpful in my search for a just divorce settlement. He always stood by my side and provided me with clear directions. He work with the utmost professionalism and diligence. In general, the company and I had excellent, highly efficient contacts.

Felicity J

Mr. Petrelli had all the information and very compasionate to our case. He was also incredibly sympathetic and meticulous. When testifying in court, he is precise and firm. he did a great job of making me feel at ease before the big day. he also presented all the information necessary in court to support our argument. highly advisable.

Sander D

Working with Thomas is a pleasure. He is prompt, places decision-making in your hands, and provides you with a variety of choices. This gives me the impression that I am in command. He is also a very professional. I couldn't have wished for a more appropriate representation. He  has been very responsive to my needs and quite competent in accomplishing them.

Ara B

Working with Thomas was fantastic! He walked me through every step of the process and set reasonable deadlines.
I found myself in the midst of a divorce after many years of marriage. Attorney who is both kind and knowledgeable. I appreciate how she helped me to relax during a particularly trying time.

Andres L

She was able to deal with my wife's attorney's aggressive approach, both in terms of bargaining with him in settlement discussions and frequently defeating him in court. She is a fast thinker and a strong advocate in the courts. We probably wouldn't have been able to negotiate a fair settlement without her help, and I'd still be fighting legal fights now.

Rina S

The procedure was simple; if I had any concerns, they always returned my calls, contacted me with updates, and even called my ex-husband when I couldn't get through to him.

Henry K

I'm looking forward to working with my attorney. We made specific, comprehensive, and intelligible solutions to my inquiries and issues in a timely manner. I can't thank them enough for working with me and sharing their knowledge. This business is one that I will definitely recommend to others! You made what might have been a dreadful situation palatable in a matter of minutes. Thank you for your help!

Lydia C

Throughout my divorce, my attorney has been a fantastic legal advocate for me. Attorney  is a fair, devoted, and persistent attorney who was clearly respected by the judge who presided over my case. Her flexibility and convenience with my tight schedule made an already stressful situation a lot more tolerable.

Andrea W

They offered prompt, courteous, and professional service. I appreciate that they were able to provide services even though we are now in a pandemic.

Natalie R

When it came to getting custody of my daughter, Mr. Petrelli made the process as easy and painless for me as possible. They are a great team, worked for hand in hand for me with great results. They know the law and made suggestions many times about my situation that I never would have thought of. And, of course, they are just nice people with class, ethics, and professionalism.