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Angelia E

We've been taking our dog-daughter, Truffles, to Petsmart for grooming every since we got her. I was terrified to leave her there as my last groomable dog was abused at Luv On A Leash in Mint Hill. They assured me she was going to be fine, and for the first several trips, she was. The last trip on Tuesday, March 25th was a different story.
When she came home, she couldn't stand up. She went to the bathroom and never did again for two whole days. She shivered uncontrollably, she continued to not be able to stand, was completely lethargic, looked dazed, didn't play, and yelped every time we touched her. On Thursday morning I called the store. A lady named Amanda answered the phone. I told her what was happening. She honestly could care less. I told her just to tell me what happened as we were on our way to the vet; I just needed to know if she was dropped, bitten, or what. She said the lady who'd groomed her just stepped out, but she'd call me back. I reiterated we were on the way to the vet and she'd better not make me call her back. Fifteen minutes later, nothing. I called her again. Again totally disinterested, I begged her to tell me what happened. She said the groomer told her nothing happened, but if we're taking her to the vet, 'We'll take care of you'. Ummmm, WHAT?
I called the corporate office and was told there was no manager/ supervisor that I could talk to, but I'd have to leave a message. I did *and* wrote a letter of complaint. Not one single response.
Right at each shoulder the hair *and skin* were shaved completely off. By Thursday it was beginning to scab over. The vet said she had no injury to her legs, hip, or back, but did have to prescribe prednisone and an antibiotic for her skin. Today is the first day she's acting like herself again.
NEVER EVER USE THIS GROOMER! Even if your dog is matted or filthy, DO NOT USE!!!!