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3324 White Plains Rd, Bronx, New York, 10467-5746

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(347) 275-6730




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Casey L

I completely agree with the previous review. I made the mistake of going to P & P Realty without doing my homework and remember searching them first. She took a deposit to hold an apartment and then mysteriously the apartment was no longer available. When she tried to show us something else and we declined because it was a disgusting apartment ridden with bugs, she wouldn't give us our cash back, instead insisting on a check. Because I wanted to be done with her, I accepted the check, but lo and behold, it BOUNCED. When I tried to contact her, she refused to take my calls, and when I rang the bell at her office, she came out to see who was there, and then walked into the back when she saw it was me. The local cops have told me they receive numerous complaints regarding her business. I would stay far away from her as possible.

b x

P&P Realty Of New York Inc in Olinville, Bronx is DEPLORABLE. Pamela Mays is the WORST broker I have ever dealt with. She will take your money, become irate, irrational and verbally slam you if you ask for your money back because she couldn't fullfill your needs. I wouldn't recommend her to my worst enemy. Poor, poor, poor work ethic.