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16 Waverly Ave, Brooklyn, New York, 11205-1216

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(718) 858-3075


Clinton Hill


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sam g

Very bad service, considering the price. I would pay ~$105 ($90 + all the taxes) for basic cleaning of my 1 bedroom apt in NY. Yet, there is absolutely no service. I could get a maid to clean the same apt between 60-80$, but was hoping to use Prestige for convenience. No one picks up the phone, and you have to mostly leave a message - then play phone tag with the person to set up an appt. When someone picks up the phone, they are pretty rude, and don't try to even accomodate your requests. I finally got the date set, took my sheets/pillow case out (as they offer to do laundry for the sheets)...and guess what? No one turned up. I got back from a tiring day at work, and my apt wasnt clean. I called them, and they didn't even say sorry once or the person didnt sound apologetic at all. They just said that oh! the system erased some appts. She was plain rude.
Given the price premium they charge, i would not expect all this! The last time they came, they charged me $140 for cleaning my apt. I had to call and ask why I was paying so much, and all they said was system error ...once again. Further, I gave few shirts for laundry to them...and they drycleaned it and charged me $7/shirt. I had to call them again and again, to get that refunded (which they refunded for a few shirts only). Again, given the price they charge - they can't just decide what they want to do with my clothes...they have to call me to check.
It also impossible to figure what they charge to your account -- they prob. lump a few reciepts into you can never figure out what you're paying. The one reason I used them was they had some ties with my building.

After all these incidences, I completely do not trust them. Please DO NOT use these people...there are many other better and cheaper options. These guys are thugs - they will charge you more, for things you didnt ask for or blame it on a system error.