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About us

We Help clients in FORECLOSURE, Pre Foreclosure and Post Foreclosure. Our Firm believes that clients' success determines our own. So we ensure both by collaborating with our clients to achieve their goals.


I fell behind on my home loan and tried to modify with my lender numerous times only to get a super high rate compared to my 3.5% interest rate i had with a payment i could not afford. PLA helped me dispute my lender by filing a Civil Complaint in Court which helped postpone my foreclosure & work out a better lower balance kept my same rate. They removed the extra fees they added and reset my loan to an affordable payment, Really saving my loan & put me in place of saving instead of a payment i couldnt pay

William C

I had a dispute with my lender regarding the loan term and interest rate. Both were incorrect. They were not what I agreed on. The lender did not give me a favorable response. I consulted with Professional Legal Aid and decided to hire them. They proposed to file a lawsuit against my lender which was agreeable to me. During one of our talks with my lender together with Professional Legal Aid, we were able to negotiate and come up with a good arrangement. They rectified the error and made adjustments to my mortgage.

Meryll N

Who would have thought banks can make mistakes in processing foreclosure. My bank did and Professional Legal Aid discovered that. They helped me file a lawsuit, helped me with all the steps along the way until we got the verdict which was a great moment of triumph for me.

Paul S

It was unforgettable how Professional Legal Aid saved my home from getting foreclosed. I was missing a lot of payments and they gave us the most appropriate solution - loan modification. They were transparent with the process. I knew from the start it was difficult cause I did it once myself and got denied. So I was prepared for a negative outcome. But to my surprise, they got what we wanted - reduced interest rate and extended term resulting to a 30% less monthly payment.

Heather B

It has been a great experience dealing with Professional Legal Aid. The foreclosure itself was distressing but they made it bearable for me. They represented me during the negotiations with my bank so I was able to escape the stress that they have been causing me. They are really great at it. They knew the steps to take and were very good at negotiating.Because of them, I was able to get an approval for my loan modification. Now, I understand why my friend highly recommended them.

Max R

I lost my home to foreclosure. I was depressed I felt like I lost everything that I worked for in more than seven years. When the foreclosure date was set, I wanted to beg at my bank but I knew they were not going to listen. I already spoke to them a lot of times but they did not give me financial consideration. My home was the only property I got. When Professional Legal Aid went in the way, good things happen. They built a strong case againts my bank for unlawful foreclosure. The decision was in favor. I was allowed to settle my mortgage with modified terms and I got my home back.

Ron F

I visited this firm last year after my bank declined my application for loan modification. I needed them to renegotiate with my bank. They were just perfect at it. I got approved for principal reduction. It was way way better than my expectation. I'm a 100% satisfied client.

Francis M

I'd like to thank Professional Legal Aid once again for helping me settle my mortgage. I could have lost my home if not for them. The approved loan modification was the perfect remedy. I've paid off my past due, my loan got extended to 40 years but the monthly payment has become affordable.

Rudolf T

It was months ago but I can still clearly remember how outstanding this firm was. They give excellent service, efficient and smooth.They offer services to people at risk of loosing their home to foreclosure. I've recommended them to 2 people. And they too were given the same level of service and the same positive result. I wish no one close to me will experience what I'd gone through but if they do, at least I know who to bring them to.

Nichole G

After losing my job and getting a lower-paying job, keeping up with all my monthly dues became a challenge. I missed series of mortgage payments until my house got foreclosed. I hired the services of professional legal aid. I was a great decision. They told me we could file for loan modification. They knew the process very well. On top of that, they are friendly and courteous. I got my loan modified to a monthly due my income could afford. Many thanks to these people. I could never have done it without them.

Dean H