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bonnie s

my 13 year old son came in a few months ago to get his normal cut and left with his head completely shaved, almost to the scalp. he has been going here for about 4 years and almost always goes in by himself, so i didn't hesitate to send him alone this time. but when he returned and i saw what had been done i was flabbergasted. when i called for an explanation all i was the blame being put on my son. no one at the shop, including the owner took responsibility for what they had done and NEVER apologized to either me or my son. i work in the service industry and have never encountered such blatant disregard for a customer complaint. it was as if they didn't care that they had made the mistake and devastated a teenage boy. i will never do business with you again and i will be sure to let everyone i come in contact with know about how my son was treated.