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William W

Realty Consulting Services Inc in Inverness is a bad memory for me. I rented an apartment in Greenbriar Apts. Hammond In, for twelve years. The last few months I had the misfotune of having some jerk move into the apartment below me and play unbearably loud music and TV. I complained numerous times to the property manager who never took care of the problem. I called the office in Inverness several times and never got a reply! I finally drove up there, and talked to a rude woman who told me to please leave and talk to the property manager who of course proceeded to do nothing about the problem. I finally had to pay two months rent to break the lease in order to break the lease and move out while the loud jerk got to stay. Just remember this, if and when you sign a lease with them, they will do nothing to uphold the conditions of that lease and if you get stuck with a loud neighbor, it'll cost you two months rent to move out!