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Charged for criminal offense in Massachusetts may lead to jail time, criminal record and job loss. Getting on with the criminal proceedings is a tricky matter and you need the best dui lawyer Massachusetts to get you through the proceedings. Attorney Raquel is one of the best criminal defense attorney in Boston, Massachusetts, with vast experience and a successful career.

Ruanolaw is one of the leading criminal defense company run by Attorney Raquel D. Ruano. We rigorously run and defend all criminal proceedings for our clients – getting them out of trouble in shortest time.

We provide Boston mass dui attorney services for:
Drug crimes
Drunk driving
Property crimes
Violent crimes
Personal injuries
Police misconduct

Being a reputable and leading criminal defense attorney, we take each and every case with utmost seriousness and competency. For us, our client’s safety measures are the single most significant aspect that we never compromise and take every possible measure to ensure our clients safety and protection. We understand that criminal proceedings don’t only effect the accused but actually it’s the larger family that face the consequences and this is why we take every measure to ensure safety and protection of our client during criminal defense proceedings. Our focus has remained specifically on criminal defense and appeals and we are certainly the best criminal defense attorney in Boston, Massachusetts.

We have maintained a working relationship and mutual respect with judges and prosecutors and this puts us in a positive disposition for goodwill of our clients. So, whether it is a drug crime or drunk driving; you can be sure of dealing with the best criminal defense attorney in Boston.
Remember, there are some serious penalties for criminal convictions ranging from a hefty fine to lifetime prison. So no matter how petty your crime may seem, you should always arrange a reputed and experienced dui lawyer in Massachusetts.

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Hayden J

Ruanolaw is the law firm and Raquel D. Ruano is the best Criminal Defense lawyer, Thanks for helping me in Property Crimes I still can't believe that my brother sue me. You were really helpful at that time. All the best for the future and keep helping others

Alice D

I have many lawyers in my town but Ruanolaw and Raquel D. Ruano is the best attorney what I found the best. I really appreciate their work and all the hard work she did. Keep working hard and all the best

Caroline J

Raquel D. Ruano you are the best Criminal Defense lawyer I came across, I still remember the day when I got caught in Police misconduct and my friend called you and you were really helpful at that time. Keep up the hard work and I wish you all the best for the future

Ethan G

You are the best Attorney, I remember the day when my friend got caught in drunk and driving case and you easily helped me out by rescuing him out from the prison. I really appreciate it :)

Mark D

Best criminal defense attorney!! Keep it up...