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Image 1 | Rubin Law Corporation The Rubin Law Corporation Steven Rubin, The Rubin Law Corporation,  since 1996 representing employees in sexual harassment, whistleblower, wrongful termination, discrimination, unpaid wages, medical and disability leave and disability discrimination cases.
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1875 Century Park East, Suite 1230, Los Angeles, California, 90067

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(310) 385-0777

Los Angeles Employee Rights Attorney Since 1996


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We are a reputable, experienced law firm representing employees exclusively since 1996 in wrongful termination, family medical leave, sexual harassment, discrimination, whistleblower, retaliation, unpaid wage, disability discrimination, age discrimination, pregnancy discrimination, contract, non-compete, and other cases throughout courtrooms in California; and in severance negotiations long before a dispute becomes a case. We represent all workers, from high level executives including Presidents, CFOs and other senior leaders, in whistleblower and wrongful termination claims, to ordinary workers who have been unfairly denied overtime pay and rest and meal breaks. We represent nurse whistleblowers who have stood up for patient safety and been terminated as a result. We represent individuals on medical leave who have been fired because they are disabled or injured or suffered from a serious health condition. We represent victims of sexual harassment and retaliation. We represent cancer victims who have been fired solely because they have cancer and missed work for doctor appointments or cancer treatments. In short, we represent all types of employees in all types of situations since 1996. We use our hard won experience and insight to place you on a path to achieve justice and tangible results in your case. Call us today at 866 936 3162. Or visit us at

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