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wilma j

I had San Jose Movers move my one bedroom apartment to Santa Cruz from Menlo Park. They were very professional and extremely fast! The three workers that helped me were very pleasant and took extra special care of every item that they moved. I thought it was especially nice to have their manager check in with me via text in the middle of the move to make sure everything was running smoothly. I would definitely recommend San Jose Movers to help you through a move - which is a very stressful time - but they made it fun! Thanks San Jose Movers.

Kacie H

I had a potentially complex move (2 pickup locations, 1 drop location) in prime moving season, end of october. I'd already gotten quotes from a few other movers, who all added significant costs based on having 2 pickup locations. Once I started speaking with Charlie , it became clear that while the job would probably be a little pricier, we had a lot wiggle room, based on the # of guys Charlie could get for the job, the # of trucks we would end up needing, and how many items and boxes we would have on move day.
I think I did a fairly good job of keeping Charlie up to date on our growing tally of stuff to be moved, and he was great and staying in touch, returning my calls or emails within a day's time to update me on how we could approach the job and what that would mean in terms of time and cost.
Ultimately, Charlie arranged the job to be as flexible as possible, given some of the uncertainty around the move, and was able to keep costs down by adding an extra man but reserving an extra truck with an option to cancel it at no cost. On move day itself, everything went very smoothly--the team was incredibly efficient at all 3 locations, and managed to get everything done in 4 hours, using just the 1 truck. What could have been a stressful and very expensive move turned out to be a breeze! They were especially good about taking care wrapping our furniture and letting us know how they intended to handle more fragile items.

Michael s

They could not have chosen a more meaningful name for the company as they are INDEED safe and responsible. In fact, you'll find them much more responsible than your own friends! The movers completed the job in a very reasonable amount of time, and did not take a break unless we forced them to! They were asking questions frequently during the job to make sure to put everything in the correct place and order. Yet, they did not ask too many questions. My wife and I, both, found ourselves willing to leave a generous tip as the job was over.

jim k

Not only did Andres team show up punctually on time (a 3 man crew) our crew was Luis, David and Alfonso. These guys had to move ALL of our furniture out of a second story townhouse and then UP four flights of stairs because our new apartment complex (Museum Park in San Jose) does not have any elevators in the building.

The crew was fast working, respectful, and all of our furniture and electronics made it here intact and with no damage.

Additionally they were kind enough to provide us with 'felt' to put under our furniture even though we have a concrete floor in most of our new apartment not only will the furniture not scratch anything but it is not very easy to move it around as/if needed.

mike d

I scheduled an appointment with SJM and we discussed the details (3 movers with truck, wardrobe boxes and equipment, 4 hour job for a 2 bd/2 ba with above average amount of furniture). Charlie was up-front with me about how long the job would take as well as their policy to charge extra for every 15 minutes over. He also let me know there was a 5% discount for paying cash. I also got a Yelp deal ($50 voucher for $25) which saved me a few extra bucks as well.

The morning of the move, Mike, David, and Oren. arrived at 8 AM, right on schedule (it should be noted that my previous place was a real pain to find. It was well off the main street behind multiple office buildings so I was impressed they got their on time without needing to call me for directions). The 3 came up and checked out the work to be done and got started immediately. All boxes were packed quickly, all furniture was wrapped and stacked carefully into the truck. Their wardrobe boxes came in very handy as my wife and I were able to easily move all our hanging clothes from old place to new without needing to fold anything. I was also incredibly impressed with the guys' ability to Tetris all the boxes and furniture into the truck with such precision. I can definitely admit had I been trying to do the same with that size truck and just my buddies we would not have been able to get it all in in a single trip.

Maya C

We hire SJM not only for the move, but also to pack up our house. The team arrived, we did a quick walk through, and then cleared out of their way. They had the entire 1500 sq foot house packed in less than a day. Then, because we have twin infants, they made sure to move our bed, and all of the baby stuff over that afternoon. It was all set up and ready for us to stay the night in our new house. They weren't able to get it all packe and moved over in one day, but were done less than three hours the following morning.

rita c

I used them on September 25, 2013. I had just lost my mother and was dealing with a lot, including putting my stuff in storage to sell her house. I had several boxes of varying sizes and some precious furniture (some of it very heavy) and statues. I found SJM on citysquares with a high rating so that was already a good sign, then the gal on the phone told me they're great because these guys have been working together for some time and they are real pros. That really impressed me because this means they have quality people who are treated well by their employer. And indeed you could tell they worked like a well-oiled machine, were professional, friendly, and concerned about our needs and questions. I'm not sure where they rate on pricing, I would say mid-range, and they are worth it. They not only moved fast and carefully but unloaded all to a storage facility and arranged it well. If I had thought it through I might have asked them to leave my wardrobe boxes near the front (whoa, is winter so near already?)

stroy k

They were careful, advised us of scratches so we would know it wasn't from them, and really went above & beyond what I expected cause we only had them focus on all the furniture, but they grabbed whatever boxes we had and even put some small things in the cabinet to bring over! They would've done more & kept going if we wanted it, but I think we were done just as much they probably wanted to be done loll! On the trip to the house, they even got 2 other coworkers or friends to come help unload to speed up the process! And not once did we feel rushed.

hubert g

I found this company off Yelp and purchased the deal they have going on. My roommate purchased through another company at a lower rate and their low quality of work was obvious. SJM are professional, on time, curious, kind and friendly. The cost was extremely affordable and they offered wonderful services. I hired 3 movers for 3 hours (we didn't even use the whole time because they were so fast!!) They moved roughly 2.5 rooms of stuff to an upstairs location in record time.

lima m

Movers that came to my place Rotam & Ely were very good. They know how to load stuff which were marked fragile. They took extra care for fragile item and remember which box/furniture was from which room and un-loaded them properly. They loaded and unloaded the furniture in less than expected time, I have never imagined that they will move in less than expected time.