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Krunal M

I am jumping with joy that was filled within my soul soon after I had visited the whale watching Washington fun with San Juan Excursions. It was a wonderful experience during the boat ride and watching the whales that were jumping closer to us. I had been to the whale watching tour long back with some other company, but my experience with the San Juan Excursion was extraordinary. The guides were very friendly and made our journey more exciting with their intense knowledge. If you are searching for best whale watching Washington then they are the best option and I highly recommend their services.

Nancy c

I heard a lot of buzz about this company happening with there too good to be true whale watching tours on San Juan Islands. Many of my friends had already visited and had some really good things to say about it. Eventually I gathered 3 other friends with me and hopped on for whale watching in Washington. After a few miles into ocean the view was simply magnetic and one which I had never seen before. I saw a lot of whales – both orca whales as well as Gray whales. I also got the chance to watch other beautiful marine life. I saw seals, eagles, guillemots, herons and lot more. I just wanted to be in the ocean forever but unfortunately it was time to return back. Truly a trip for whale watching with San Juan Excursions was memorable and one I would cherish for life time.

Aalia b

Going whale watching in Washington with this operator was an experience that I would love to relive again as it was so memorable. I was able to just sit back and watch the whales as we were practically guaranteed to see them. They demonstrated their expertise of navigating those waters because even when we didn’t see any whales we simply went elsewhere until we saw some. The guide obviously knew lots about the whales as we were all given an education on the whales that was engaging and interesting at the same time.

stepheny e

Whale watching in Washington was one of my most memorable activities whilst I was on holiday, and it was all down to this tour operator. The guides were obviously knowledgeable as they had a lot of fun facts for us about each species and they always seemed to know exactly where they would be so none of us on the tour were ever disappointed. Getting in contact with their customer service department wasn’t easy as it seemed to take forever to get a reply, but later on it gradually got faster and the replies were always detailed. Overall, it was a wonderful service!

darren p

It’s hard to find a good operator for some whale watching in Washington, but I’m glad I discovered this one. When taking one of their tours, of which I’ve taken a few, I always saw some whales. And this wasn’t just because I’d happened to get lucky, it was because when we didn’t see a whale we went and found one. The guide clearly knew the waters well and he was able to provide us with an experience that we’ll remember forever. I hope to be going on one of their tours for whale watching in Washington again very soon.