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penny b

My husband and I have used painting companies in the past with mixed results. After moving to Nashville we found ourselves in the market for a new painting company to repaint our interior. Most of our house needed repainting and so we started gathering up bids. I was most impressed with Sharpton because of the no nonsense approach and very straight forward sales. Mr. Sharpton only priced what we wanted and was the only one of the 3 we called, who did not try to sell us what we did not want. Everything was proposed to us and itemized exactly so we could see where the funds were going. After Sharpton started the job the work was very well executed and the guys were very professional and friendly. Everything turned out wonderful and I would highly recommend Sharpton Painting.

David P

We Loved the Sharpton Painting Company. Our neighbors have been using them for over 7 years, but we never needed painting work done. I was always the one to pick up the tasks. Since I'm getting older, I needed someone I can trust and AFFORD. We have seen the work they provided so we knew it would be good. But we never knew about the prices. Luckily, the prices we very good. We are happy to use them again.

Nelson W

Sharpton Painting They were fast, clean, and on time each day. Everything on the contract was completed without issue. They were on time / budget.

We hired them for the experience / professionalism they brought to the table. Great company and would recommend to anyone. Hope this helps.

Vicky T

We hired Sharpton Painting - to repaint our new home here in Nashville. they were on time, on budget, stayed on schedule and completed the job without any problems.

Everyone is American on their staff, this is one reason among others, why we hired them.

Albert F

The Sharpton Paiting team was great to work with. They made our first experience hiring a painting company, a good one. My wife and I noticed the Owner, Kevin Sharpton, was on the job more than expected and that was a nice surprise for us. Although it may be a while before we need any more painting done to our home. We would be happy to use this Company again.

I hope this helps all of you in your search. Take care.