Image 1 | STRIDE FIND YOUR FINISH LINE. STRIDE is proud to feature Woodway 4-Front Treadmills in every studio. Utilized by professional sports teams & physical therapists, Woodway Treadmills have been scientifically proven to reduce harmful shock to joints, muscles and connective tissue, providing our members with a low-impact workout and making them ideal for clients of all ages & levels. HIT YOUR STRIDE. As part of our comprehensive program, STRIDE studios offer heart rate monitors available for purchase to assist in collecting & tracking personalized data while you walk/run. This interactive technology delivers personalized metrics via our studio leaderboards & mobile app, allowing you to track your progress, hit new milestones, & celebrate your success. START TOGETHER, FINISH TOGETHER. At STRIDE, our clients of all ages and fitness levels workout together and empower each other to the finish line. THE COMBO. Get the best of both worlds in this 55-minute cardio and strength training class that combines heart-pounding interval running or walking with muscle-building strength work to improve your overall speed, acceleration, and endurance. THE CORE. Focus on your balance, endurance, and posture in this 55-minute class format that’s predominantly cardio-focused with a 10-minute core strengthening section at the end that will leave you feeling strong and stable. THE STRIDE. Our signature format is a 55-minute all-tread class with alternating intervals of high-intensity running or walking and active recovery. This class is designed for clients of all fitness levels to reach their personal goals. WALK JOG RUN TRANSFORM. STRIDE Certified Coaches are more than instructors, they are motivators, supporters, and industry leaders. Through the STRIDE Certified Program (the FIRST indoor run coach certification), all coaches learn how to dynamically lead our class formats, practice safety and form correction, and empower clients of all ages and levels to hit their STRIDE. YOUR SPACE, YOUR PACE. Our classes are designed for YOU - at every treadmill, you’ll find a handy STRIDE Guide that gives an overview of our leveling system allowing you to take every class as a walker, jogger, or runner.
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11640 Carmel Mountain Road, Suite 240, San Diego, California, 92128

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(858) 217-4979

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STRIDE is a premium treadmill studio that caters to clients of all ages and fitness levels. Whether you’re walking or running, our STRIDE Certified Coaches and state-of-the-art Woodway Treadmills will empower you to achieve your mental & physical goals. #WalkJogRunTransform

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