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9898 Bissonnet St, Ste 277, Houston, Texas, 77036-8025

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(713) 774-4800




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Michael Emoreth A

713-774-4800 is not the phone number to Sugar Valley Realty 713.774.4800 IS NOT TO A REAL ESTATE BUSINESS OR TO A REAL ESTATE AGENT! Michael Emoreth Arnold and Michael Allen Dirksen are liars and run a scam and both operate under this phone number including 713.774.4801 for their scams! BUYER BEWARE!!! Their business address is 10333 Harwin Dr., Ste. 170 Houston, Texas 77036. They only give out PO Box numbers as their address so that they will not be traced back to their physical address. Business Names they operate under: DMZ, Inc. or Falcon International Industries or Riviera Medical Co., Superior Medical Supply, Advanced Medical, IHTA Inc., Allied Medical, Corbin Supply, Fictious names they use: Steve Rivers, Doug Bishop, Mark Stewart, Mike Allen, Steve Alexander, Kevin Garrett, and many more Real Owners Names: Michael Emoreth Arnold and Michael Alan Dirksen They tried to scam my clerk at my business. They told her they were approved suppliers for my company and were sending a box of complimentary medical gloves for us to try out for free for 30 days and a box of free candy. What's the catch? The bait they use during their original call is the word they throw around a few times and that word is, FREE medical gloves and FREE candy! They make sure they get the clerks name and post it on the whopping invoice you're about to receive and on the shipment of the supposedly FREE box of gloves. Shipping & receiving personnel have no idea what who was ordered when their shipment arrives. However, when they see employees name on the shipment they proceed to accept & sign for it. Another tactic to TAKE YOUR MONEY! ! As long as its accepted and signed for, THEY WANT YOUR MONEY! when you realize you've been scammmed, you will call them for days and weeks but your calls will go unanswered! They will gladly call you back from 713.774.4800 once 30 days are up ONLY TO COLLECT and TAKE YOUR MONEY! They will bully, harass and even threaten to take you to court if you do not pay these idiots. If you try to ship the gloves back they will do the same as noted in my previous sentence. They will even tell you all phone conversations are recorded TO TAKE YOUR MONEY! They cannot record phone conversations and use it as evidence as long they do not make the other party aware that the conversation is being recorded at the beginning of the conversation. DO NOT BE FOOLED OR TAKEN BY THESE 2 DECEPTIVE IDIOTS! *********THEY ARE NOT A MEDICAL FACILITY***********THESE PEOPLE ARE SCAMMERS PREYING ON YOU TO TAKE YOUR MONEY************* Honest people and legitimate businesses use their real names (owners, employees & business name), business address, and have their phone number listed with their real business name! Michael Emoreth Arnold and Michael Allen Dirksen constantly change their names, (their names & business too!) their target is young uneducated inexperienced struggling black mothers to employ and use at their disposal to do their dirty work then fire them. They refuse to hire men. They both say men are major threats since men are smarter than young black girls. Men will figure out the scam they've got going and young uneducated girls won't since they're to stupid to figure that out.