Tangierino Restaurant


83 Main St, Boston, Massachusetts, 02129-3781

Phone number

(617) 242-6009


Bunker Hill


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Caitlin S

TANGIERINO IS MY NUMBER ONE FAVORITE RESTAURANT!!!(for the moment). I love this place. I just had my birthday dinner here and it was amazing. First of all the place is beautifully decorated with gorgeous beaded tapestry's and art. You can even sit in these amazing throne like beds. The food was delightful the tuna tartar being the best i have had in Boston! After the meal we proceeded to the Hookah lounge where we smoked hookah and had champagne, of course seeing it was my birthday. Both were great they play such great ethnic music and there are beautiful belly dancers dancing. Tangierino really takes you to another world all while in Charlestown...GO FIGURE!! you just have to try this place!