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What Makes Us Unique? Eyesight is only one small part of vision. At the Mind-Eye Connection, every patient receives a traditional eye check-up. Some patients, however, need a more comprehensive evaluation of symptoms that might seem unrelated to the eyes. We Provide 4 Levels of Care 1) Traditional Eye Exam: Can you see? Eye Health Examination: The doctor examines the structures of the eye, measures the pressure of the eye and treats for diseases when necessary. Visual acuity, color vision and depth perception are also assessed, and if necessary, a prescription is determined to improve eyesight. Contact lens fittings are provided, using the newest lens materials. 2) Visual Processing Evaluation: Is it comfortable to see? In addition to the traditional eye examination, this level of evaluation includes specific testing for ranges of comfort in eye aiming, focusing, eye teaming and evaluates your awareness of and interaction with your environment. This is helpful for people who have trouble gathering and processing incoming information, for instance those who are lacking in social skills or organization. Typically, symptoms include not being able to easily transition from one situation to another or not being able to visualize concepts while keeping the details in mind. The most common sign observed is avoidance (i.e. avoiding driving, essay writing, reading or sports, etc.) 3) Neuro-Optometric Exam: How stable are the systems connected to the eyes? When conventional eyeglasses are not beneficial, other systems must be considered. Here, the linkage among posture, auditory and biochemical systems are analyzed, all which influence eye control and usage. This level of testing is beneficial for people who have delicately balanced visual systems, where minimal environmental changes are annoying. People who have difficulty in coordination, maintaining attention, or have a delay in development often benefit from this extensive battery of testing which gets to a root cause of a problem, rather than simply addressing symptoms. 4) Neuro-Developmental Exam: How can I learn a new way to function after an injury creates irreparable damage? A more in depth analysis of symptoms, emphasizing functions, not structures. These patients are of all ages and often have developed a compensatory posture, and have some structural deficiency or genetic disorder that hinders normal function. This level is using the latest neuroscience research to help maximize brain function.

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