The Other Side Cafe


407 Newbury St, Boston, Massachusetts, 02115-1801

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(617) 536-8437


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The Other Side Cafe

The Other Side Cafe on Newbury Street has a long-established reputation as Boston's unofficial alternative eatery and hang-out spot. Known for its fiercely independent spirit, welcoming culture and a diverse menu full of fresh, forward-thinking food and beverages, The Other Side is also focused on the vital community of local musicians and artists that make this cafe and Boston an interesting place to visit.

The menu of soups, salads, sandwiches and wraps, snacks and desserts is packed with something good for just about everyone, with plenty of options for any lifestyle or palate. Vegetarian and vegan options sit quite comfortably next to hearty southern breakfasts, and the recently-added raw foods dishes and savory pies will make you seriously question your old stand-bys. The Other Side also offers a range of independently-distributed, high-quality, specialty teas as well as truly delicious coffee drinks that are made with an uncommon expertise.

The Other Side also has a beer list that rivals any bar in the city, with a full range of domestics, imports and small-brewery finds. The Other Side also offers one of the most unique wine lists in Boston, with a selection of sustainably-farmed, organic and bio-dynamic wines that you simply won't find at your average city cafe.

Tuesday nights are movie nights, and each week promises a different cult classic movie you'll either love or love to hate. Suggestions are welcome and all proceeds from popcorn sales go towards the Bike Messenger Relief Fund. The first Wednesday of every month the Cafe lends its wall to a local artist and the last Thursday of every month is dedicated to showcasing local video and film artists.

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Kim P

A little hipster, but all fun. The Other Side Cafe is a great alternative to the sometimes overly-posh Newbury vibe, and the crowd reflects that. From the waiter rockin' the skinny denim cut-offs to the hostess who greets you with a lovely smile and several facial piercings, the staff and clientele aren't your usual Newbury types. Their lunch is fabulous (the all-day breakfast won me over...ALL DAY!), and they offer vegetarian/vegan choices for those of us who are truly green.

Ben S

Went to The Other Side Cafe on Newbury last night with a good friend. As always, the food was fantastic. I had a chicken burrito and it was just what the doctor ordered. Had a couple Delirium Nocturnums too, which is not often found. Had a great time as always, although I do sometimes wish that the staff would do a better job of keeping some of the loud college students more behaved. Often I find myself a little annoyed with rambunctious, hormonal college boys showing off. Kinda takes away from the good vibe, but TOSC is still a great place to hang, eat, drink and just chill!

Justin L

The Other Side Cafe is a great place to sit and relax. Its just at the end of Newbury Street on the other side of Mass Ave. We sat outside for lunch and the service was prompt and the prices were good. They serve breakfast all day so I managed to get an omelet with a biscuit and home fries. All were delicious. I rode my bike to The Other Side and was pleasantly surprised when I noticed there were about 15 bikes parked out front. Definitely a nice change of pace.

ryley c

The otherside has the best cheese and fruit platter I've come across in a long while. On top of that though it's a really chill place to go, sit with friends and have a beer, and of course drop in on a tuesday to go check out one of their movie flicks.

Steve W

One word. Brunch. I really like the yogurt, granola and fruit bowl. Just awesome. Always fresh fruit, whatever is in season. If I'm feeling a little extra hungry, there's nothing better than the Blue Ribbon Breakfast. What's that you ask? How 'bout eggs, knockworst and a PBR draft. That's what. Instant cure for the Sunday blues.

Phillip E

In the summer they have the best gazpacho around... really refreshing. The roast beef and Borsin sandwich with a good smoothie is a must try combo too. two thumbs up!

Glenn D

The Other Side is one of those places that seems to mold itself to whatever crowd is there. Sometimes it feels like a typical Boston Irish pub, sometimes its like a bike messenger depot, sometimes I remember that this is still Newbury St! And that is why I dig it so much. Always a new crowd and good music.