The Preserve At Milltown


500 Meadowlake Dr, Downingtown, Pennsylvania, 19335-2164

Phone number

(610) 269-8500


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Jennifer S

The Preserve At Milltown in Downingtown is
Well, It has been so many different problems with this apartment complex. First off, Management, especially the leasing agents are liars. I guess, they are trained to tell you what you want to hear in order to occupy the unit! Don’t be fooled by the website, the pictures are deceiving; it is not what it’s perceived to be! Please, don’t be fooled by the furnished unit that they show you! Also on preserve’s website, it doesn’t state that the rent rate is flexible, meaning you view a property, lock into a rate, but not keep it after 24 hours; so it can increase. Getting back to the unit itself, I guess management/maintenance neglected to properly inspect this unit. Starting with fixtures that weren’t properly installed and/or repaired, such as doorbell uninstalled, closet doors weren‘t shave down to fit closet, banister unsecure(wobbly), balcony sliding door lock wasn‘t installed. I had plumbing leaks with kitchen sink(needed replacement faucet and valve) & bathroom sink as well as the ceiling itself coming from weather conditions outdoors(RAIN). There were dents/scratches and holes throughout each room on the walls and doors. There are issues with air seeping through cracks doors/windows and maintenance suggests that the resident *hang a sheet* to fix the problem. I also noticed that maintenance/management doesn’t respond as quickly as one would anticipate. There was a night when my toilet ran all night long because of the flap(needed replacement), and maintenance didn’t respond til the morning. Another issue was my thermostat wasn’t properly working and there was no heat, just air condition, during the wintertime and maintenance didn’t respond for four hours….I FROZED!! They also don’t update their circuit breakers because I had an issue with a power outage and maintenance tried to place the blame elsewhere. This entire Unit was FAULTY! Management is very sneaky. They didn’t show the unit before getting you to sign the lease, so it was very easy for these issues to go unnoticed. They also don’t provide a checklist upon leasing to inspect unit. They assess so many different charges upon vacating if all is not up to standard. I had to contact License & Inspections for the habitability and file a civil judgment against them for making me liable for costs that weren’t my obligation. I also contacted the police when maintenance walked into my unit unannounced. I would never recommend this property to anyone. Unless you want to make a terrible mistake, I would just AVOID ALTOGETHER!!!