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No Insurances Accepted! This is a cash only practice, but patients can be reimbursed through flexible spending plans or auto insurances.

Gail specializes in pelvic floor treatments for both women and men.


Teaching Pilates correctly and pain free
Fine tune technique to cater to those with chronic pain and/or hx of orthopedic injury/back or joint pain
Manual Trigger Point Therapy
Post rehab transition-orthopedic modifications stressed Therapeutic Pilates

Private Hands On, One-on-one Physical Therapy Sessions

Detailed Evaluation of Posture , Gait and Sleep Analysis
Ergonomic evaluation
Pain issues addressed in first visit
Specifically tailored Home Exercises
Manual Therapy – Joint Mobilizations, Osseous Adjustments, Medical Massage, Manual Stretching and Traction
Pilates Based hands on strengthening instruction with attention to detail and form
Stretch work for long strong pain free function and optimization
Strengthening Stretching Private Work

Using Balanced Body Pilates Equiptment – Reformer. Cadillac, Exo-Chair and Arc
More than 25 years Pilates Experience
Private and Duo Pilates lessons
Pre-certification Pilates training available
Athlete stretching pre and post race and injury prevention
Fine Tuned Pilates Mat Class

With a Physical Therapist perspective and 25 years of Pilates experience Gail Kotel, MPT teaches a one hour mat class which allows for multiple levels and body types. Gail, trained in the traditional Joseph Pilates techniques has been doing pilates for 28 years and teaching for the last 13.

Her classes are challenging yet provide individual modifications for pain free precision of movement to achieve inner core stability and strength, thereby each person can have a fulfilling and successful experience. Pilates stresses strengthening in a lengthened position with constant attention to the core muscles surrounding the spine. Effective, safe and fun! Special attention is offered to people with chronic pain and/or history of orthopedic injury/back or joint pain. This class is perfect for anyone but is safe for the post rehab person with emphasis on orthopedic modifications.

Pilates experience
Fine tune technique
Orthopedic modifications addressed
Teaching pilates correctly and pain free
Fine tune technique to minimize pain and cater to those with chronic pain and/or hx of orthopedic injury
Stretching Classes

Gail teaches 1/2 hour group stretch classes as well as private stretch sessions which vary between one to two hours. Take home techniques with and without props are taught to keep muscles lengthened independently. People are challenged while protecting joints and muscles learning what to stretch and how to strengthen with length, not bulk.

Anatomical knowledge for optimal stretch
Optimizing athletes form and performance
Injury Prevention for all athletic events
Increased flexibility for daily life activities and pain free functioning


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