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I recently had a major rodent invasion which our regular pest control company was unable to bring under control. I turned to Total Pest Control. Within the promised time, the problem was completely resolved. I would highly recommend Total Pest Control.

Ben W

We were having a problem with ants and small roaches around our kitchen, as well as ants in our yard. We tried several pest control products that we bought at the store, but none of them seemed to work very well, and they smelled terrible. So we called in Total Pest Control. They treated our home quickly using baits and gels, and there was no odor left behind. They also treated our entire yard for ants. Shortly after the pest control treatment, the bugs were gone, and we haven`t seen them since. Thanks Total Pest Control!

Jason S

Total Pest Control was absolutely great and I would definitely recommend them to anyone experiencing pest problems. They were so much more helpful than a larger, national chain I had tried initially.

James P

I recently had a problem with birds in the roof and was getting bird mites throughout the house. I called Total Pest Control and they were out later that day and removed the birds and their nest, blocked the roof and treated the mites.

Donald F

We would not hesitate to highly recommend companies who are looking for good old fashioned service to use Total Pest Control or all their pest control and janitorial needs.

John G

I would recommend Total Pest Control to anyone, the quality of service, flexibility, and professional attitude to all the tasks carried out at our sites has been second to none. There is not a lot more I can say other than they are also really nice people!

Whitely R

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