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Tony C

Truck & Trailer World in Mendon is Is NOT a reputable dealer. I went in and very specifically explained my previous experience with a tailgate spreader that did not work. I purchased a walk behind spreader from him because he showed me the pamphlet from the manufacture that said this spreader can not only spread calcium, sand and salt but pure sand. He guaranteed me of this. The first storm hit and it did not even spread the calcium or what we call magic salt which is straight salt and no sand, which would be even harder to spread. I paid $500.00 for this Snowex spreader and I tried to contact Nevin by phone, I left several messages and also reported him to the better business bureau and the BBB called me back and said that he would not respond to them either. I went to research and find the Snowex corp. or co. and they do not exist. You can only find other venders that carry there product. So buyers beware: Truck and Trailer World DOES NOT stand by there warranties and they will screw you out of your money and take the money and run………………