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debra m

I was recruited by Kelly Morgan in February of 2011 and I'm So Blessed to be working with her. I was in a bad way when I lost my job back in October of 2009 and so when the opportunity came my way I was real hungry for positive change in my life. What I heard out of everything I was being told was these four things, help getting my license threw the 2 day third party prep class, free training, free Leads and full back-office support. And I knew with all this I could make it work if anyone else could so I took the Kaplan prep, went threw the week of in class training and I made my first sale 2 days later. Now 18 months later everything is different, I'm driving a new car, I live in a new nicer neighborhood on a better side of town and my kids are in a better school. Again I'm so blessed to work with Kelly Morgan and US Health Advisors.

santos c

Best most affordable health insurance in Texas...
Kelly Morgan of US Health Advisors is our Agent and both she and the company are TOPS in our book. Kelly really spent the time to make sure we understood our benefits and how to use them. We opted to get the extra thing that helps to pay our deductible should anything bad happen, which is awesome because it allowed us to have a little higher deductible and therefore less monthly premium. So we customized our plan to just where we like it and now wouldn't have it any other way. Besides that, Kellys office is only a phone call away.

benito o

We love having US Health Advisors... We looked at almost every major medical plan out there and finally selected US Health Advisors simply because they allowed us to customize our plan to our needs and budget... What we like most about our plan aside from the cost, is that we were even able to afford these options that pays our deductible. So we really are covered, and no matter what happens it won't devastate our finances like the other carriers would with their big deductibles.

angela g

We called for an agent and they sent Kelly Morgan. She was so nice and patient, she explained everything in understandable English and I felt like I was making an intelligent buying decision. Now over a year later and I'm so grateful for our insurance because I was hospitalized with from panic attacks which made it hard for me to breath. They really took good care of me and I have my own Dr. now for this problem, something I would never had without US Health Advisors, but the point is when I went to the ER, I didn't have to spend almost anything out of pocket. So I feel like this was on thing I Won, or at least turned out my way...

nancy d

US Health Advisors has been our health insurance company for over 2 years. Things have come up here and there and so far we re always covered by our plan which is a God sent blessing. We went without for a few years before that because it s so expensive these days, but once we got with US Health our whole healthcare experience changed for the better. Now we actually have our own Dr. who knows us and we like him. So having it is far better than not having it, and thanks to US Health Advisors we have it.

antonio l

Best Health insurance company in Texas. I got everything I need, nothing I don't and I saved allot over my old carriers plan. 5 Stars.

Jenni L

US Health Advisors training program is Awesome. The life of my family has changed for the better in the last year I have worked the US Health Advisors program. I didn't have my license and Kelly's office assistant Chris helped guide and encourage me past that little hurtle. Once I got my license Kelly trained me in the classroom personally and I began making real money, far more than I ever have with other jobs and I haven't looked back except in gratitude.

julianj t

A Fresh New Start on a New Life, I'm a new agent with US Health Advisors and I'm so excited about the opportunity they have entrusted me with. I went through an extensive initial training and I participate in their ongoing training as well. This is a whole new way to reach out to people needing our services as leads are provided. So every week all I do is sell instead of hours of prospecting. I love my new life, but also i love the service I am able to provide my clients. It's a win win situation and I'm grateful to be a part of it.

Sophia S

I am a new agent and I went my training in Houston and WOW, I learned so much about effectively selling Health Insurance. It was 3 days and after day 1 I couldn't wait to get back to my work. We learned the strategies of other agents making fantastic money. I can hardly put into work how grateful I am to KELLY MORGAN for seeing in me something, some potential that she's take me in to her program and train me to make a new way of living. You will not find someone more willing to train you personally in the field and the classroom than Kelly, she's a unique person and a wonderful role-model. Even if you don't have your license as i didn't, if you need a New Start for whatever reason, seriously consider Kelly Morgan and US Health. It's for Real.

Vicenta413 a

I think I have the best health insurance plan in Texas, it's customized to my needs and my budget. I got everything covered and I'm paying way less than I used to :)