Ver Duin Claude-Fern


311 S 4th St, Grand Haven, Michigan, 49417-1406

Phone number

(616) 842-2440


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Tags: very cool grandparents, died in 1990 and 2001 respectively, no longer living

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Michael V

This is why you can't trust CitySquare.

Claude and Fern are awesome! They are, well, were, my grandparents. Claude died in 1990 and Fern followed in 2001. The address listed here is their former home that was sold in 2002, and the phone number is our second business line at our shop(unrelated business). But inaccuracies like that won't stop people from selling this information so we can have 2 telemarketers call per week, despite our best attempts at removal.

Any who, most likely no one will ever read this, but by posting here I'm sure I'll bump it up the page rank in Google and help mess up their SEO. Feel free to write a review, but please be nice, they are my Grandparents and they were good and decent people. I wonder, will this ever be taken down?

December 13, 2011 by Mike Ver Duin in Grand Haven, MI