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777 Campus Commons Road, Suite 200, Sacramento, California, 95825

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(844) 807-7493


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diane c

The movers at Viper were excellent. They managed to come at the time I asked which was perfect. When they did arrive the workers were very professional. Nothing was broker or came up missing on delivery. They all worked diligently to get it all done and I really appreciate it. A big thank you to Viper moving!

Denise C

I couldn’t recommend this company more. We had a full 24 foot truck with some very heavy items that had to go up to a second floor. Our crew was very friendly, and courteous young men, who worked professionally and in a timely manner. Our agent Serena was also very informative throughout the process and really made things easier for us. Thank you!

Brian F

I had some packing to do and they didn’t hesitate to help me with it. I must say the whole experience was stress-free. I had more things to move, but we got to settle together on a good price. Overall I think they made a great work and would hire them again in the future.

Jordan M

I just moved from Cali to Phoenix and I used Viper. I know people who used other companies or relied on family members and friends to help them move. Maybe if you're going to Cali to NYC, it's worth it to rent a truck, I don't know. In my case, I moved a few states over and I wanted a stress free experience. I contacted about five companies. I got 5 completely different prices. I went with Viper because they had the best price. I should say that the actual price paid was more than they quoted me, but they tell you that! What they give you over the phone is an estimate, so obviously that's subject to change. But even with the slightly extra paid, the price was still less than the other estimates given to me. Good job, Viper, I'd use you again!

Darwin L

I could have gone with another company or moved myself, but then I would've spent more time and money than I did with Viper. And I wouldn't have met the great guys and I would've been stressed through the packing and moving. So, you can go with someone else or move yourself, but I guarantee the experience won't be as great as mine.

Will S

I had such a successful move with Viper! I have no complaints and wouldn't have done anything differently. I have already recommended them to my friends, and now I'm recommending them to everybody else!

Dave L

Really good, reliable company to go with. I would use Viper again!

Stacy A

I went with VIper cause of the prices and the people. Everyone was so nice and helpful. I didn't know what I wanted to move and I what I wanted to give away/get rid of. They quoted me an awesome price and I was sold. They were punctual, professional, and polite. What more can you ask for?

Sandy R

I am so happy that I decided to go with Viper! I was weary about letting anyone come into my house with all of my belongings, but I decided to jus t go for it! I'm happy I did because Viper was really great and everything went off smoothly. The servcie was great and the pricew was right. Glad I took a chance on them!

Barbra M

I found the perfect department in my dream city, the only problem: it was 1000 miles away. I immediately looked for and found a job and now I needed to plan the move. I looked around and was thinking of going with another company when I got a call from Viper. Viper had the right prices and the reviews were good, so I settled on them. I've been living in Chicago for 4 months now and I couldn't be happier! Thanks Viper!