Vital Transportation Inc


1151 47th Ave, Queens, New York, 11101-5418

Phone number

(718) 472-2800


Hunters Point


Contractors & Construction Equipment > Commercial & Industrial Vehicles & Machinery


Rabecka H

This company employs dangerous drivers!!! One of their drivers (car #433) cut me off and almost caused an accident at the on ramp to the I-280. Then he came to a complete stop on the onramp and put the car in park. After waiting more than a minute the driver then merged onto 280 going 25 mph then again put the car in park IN THE TRAVEL LANES!!!! After nearly being hit from behind I managed to find a break in traffic and go around. Then the driver sped up and tried to get behind me (luckily my car goes much faster then a beat up town car). You are risking your life and the lives of those around you by hiring this company who employs drivers with little or no regard for the safety of those around them.