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Scott T

The service is good and the techs are friendly but I am disappointed in their customer service with regards to billing. I called to get a quote a couple months ago for a set-up fee and was told $65 for the set-up and $55 for bi-weekly service. I thought this was great and set an appointment to have them come out to set it up and have them service it. They set up my hot tub and came out every other week like agreed to for 2 months.

I got my first bill this week and the set-up fee was $110. I thought they might have made a mistake and called to inquire. The guy I spoke with was very rude when I told him I was quoted $65 for a set-up fee and my bill showed $110. He acted like I was out of line for calling and asking questions about my bill. He rudely explained that the extra $45 was for a filter. I told him that I was not told when I set up the appointment or during the set-up, that I might be charged for a filter and that filters are not included in the set-up fee or service fee. Watching them come out for 5-10 minutes at a time, every other week to service it, only to check the chemicals and add chlorine if needed, it seemed a filter would be included in either the set-up fee or service fee. I explained that if I was told at the time of set-up or over the phone when setting up the appointment that I would be charged $45 (double) for a filter that I could buy at Walmart or on Amazon for half the price I would have just bought a filter myself, he arrogantly said, “Good luck with that!”

I immediately cancelled the service after I was treated the way I was. I wouldn’t have an issue with Waterworks if I was told up front about the extra charge which I probably would have paid and especially if I wasn’t talked to the way I was when I called to ask about the inflated set-up fee.

I think its bad business to have horrible customer service, hidden fees and not inform the consumer ahead of time what they are paying for. Especially if they are quoted something different and the actual service they do does not seem to add up to the fee they’re charged for maintenance.

I would not recommend Waterworks to anyone because of their poor customer service, hidden fees and minimal service they do provide for the money they charge. The techs that did come to service my tub were knowledgeable and friendly, that’s the only good thing about Waterworks.