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Ashley N

WMPG is the best groomer in Windermere Florida. They are always on time or early to my dog's grooming appointments, and they do a great job grooming in detail every single time. My dog has never looked so good, all thanks to Windermere Mobile Pet Grooming.

Terry H

I hired Windermere Mobile Pet Grooming for the second time yesterday. They did a wonderful job grooming my dog the first time last month. Yesterday I had them come to my house in Windermere FL for another dog grooming and dog bathing. My Maxie also needed a nail trimming and teeth cleaning, so I asked the grooming team to do that also. I appreciate the time and attention to detail that Windermere Mobile Pet Grooming provides, and that is why I will continue to call back and use them for pet grooming services!

Mandy L

I am very pleased with this service. For roughly the same prices as our other dog groomer, they show up at our house and groom our 2 dogs right outside the house. They respond very well to them and they do a marvelous job. I honestly don't understand why people go through the hassle of driving to and from a groomer, and making their dogs wait in cages, when they can be groomed quickly and beautifully right in front of their homes. I cant thank Windermere Mobile Pet Grooming enough.

Holly B

I have Springer spaniels that have always been groomed by their breeder but she moved away recently. My older male gets anxious easily so I don’t want to try a regular grooming salon since he would be stuck in a cage when he was not being groomed. I tried Windermere Mobile Pet Grooming and I am very happy.  The staff is very pleasant and great with my dogs. Their haircut is exactly what I asked for and they look great!  The cost is a little more than what I used to pay, but I will gladly pay it for such a great job and stress free environment for my pups!  I will definitely recommend and use them again!

Darla R

Today was our first time using Windermere Mobile Pet Grooming and we are sold! We have a Persian we adopted from the shelter that was covered in matts. They were absolutely wonderful they shaved off Punkie’s Matts and trimmed her nails. Windermere Mobile Pet Grooming is truly amazing. Efficient, gentle, and quick. We plan to be repeat customers after this experience!

Wess N

When I first learned about mobile pet grooming I must admit I thought it was a bit much.  Do you seriously have a spa come to your house for your pet?  Like you can’t be serious? Then I did some research and I really liked what I saw.  I guess you can say I’m really impressed by the services provided by Windermere Mobile Pet Grooming. It’s changed my pups life and mine. Dolly's coat was so soft and fluffy and I could see the whole thing happen right from my front porch.  I am now yet another pet owner who has a mobile pet groomer pamper her pooch.

Martha S

Windermere mobile pet grooming came to my home. They are outstanding! They groomed my 3 dogs. Two of which are cocker spaniels, and Sheppard mix. One cocker has some issues and bites anyone who goes near her head. Not only did they groom her she looks great. Next is my special needs cocker. They treated him like a king and he looks stunning now. Then they did the big girl who weighs about 100 lbs. For a mobile groomer to be able to accommodate large and small breeds is fantastic. Many mobile groomers can do the little ones but not the bigger dogs. The mobile trailer is a wonderful invention. They even use all natural shampoos on the dogs. I'll be calling them again for my crew and you should as well!

Patrick N

I would highly recommend Windermere Mobile Pet Grooming!  They just groomed my schnauzer and it is the best grooming she's ever had. I have used the service a couple times now and find them to be professional, courteous, and easy to work with.  Their prices are very reasonable especially for the convenience of mobile grooming, you cant beat that.

Kenneth H

Just finished our appointment for Miss Annies spa treatment for her birthday. They were on time and super professional. Annie took right to the groomer and you could tell she was a dog lover. They took special care of Annie and were sensitive to the fact she only has three legs. Shampooed, dried, haircut and trimmed nails. Annie was super happy when done which is proof to me she enjoyed it. Prices are very reasonable and it was super convenient. Will definitely be calling Windermere Mobile Pet Grooming again and highly recommend them!

Selena W

Windermere Mobile Pet Grooming did a good job grooming our dog. The groomer showed up to the house on time, took down our instructions, and when she brought our dog back into the house the dog looked like new and smelled fresh. It's such a convenient solution to having to drag the dog to a groomer, and the prices are well in line with the other groomers in our area. We will certainly use them again soon.